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Contact: Colette Temmink
Main Phone: 847-410-7472


Photo of ESG FOCUS By Blue Skyre IBE

ESG Focus, by Blue Skyre IBE (BSI), offers clients an intelligent way to create and implement an ESG program.

We have partnered with Allovance, the recognized leader in decision-making software, to create our exciting new tool. ESG Focus leverages a proprietary algorithm to develop and prioritize ESG initiatives that align with business objectives.

Our proprietary technology tool helps companies and corporate real estate professionals make informed decisions about their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs. ESG Focus is uniquely designed to help organizations plan, identify, and implement impactful initiatives, and share their results.

Whether companies are looking to understand the best ESG plan for success, to identify their ESG goals and opportunities, or to measure and report their ESG performance, Blue Skyre provides our expertise and guidance on every step of your ESG journey.