Over the years, facilities managers have realized that storing and utilizing massive data sets is capturing the attention of the industry. Big Data can create value for your company. How? By generating opportunities in the form of energy solutions, business value and customer service satisfaction. Big Data not only helps facilities with common challenges, it easily identifies those challenges and improves decision-making down the funnel. Here’s how:

  1. Big Data Detects Power Outages and Equipment Failure: Integrated systems within a facility are able to deploy a forecast to fix power outages as well as detect equipment failure. Plus, this data is shared across the facility, and is later used to fix specific problems that might result in these outages.
  2. Data Comparisons for Energy Consumption: Experience better efficiencies through Big Data by comparing patterns and waste. When you have a benchmark value, it’s easier than ever to conceptualize ways to reduce future waste as well as increase facility efficiencies.
  3. Manage Performance with Big Data: Smart sensors and smart meters can offer value through unlocking information that creates transparent and accurate data. Non-essential electricity or energy can now get turned off during non-peak hours to provide better energy savings and increase any building’s performance.
  4. Cut Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Understanding greenhouse gases and energy consumption through Big Data is the key to reducing these areas in facilities. Once the data has been collected, solutions to every challenge a facility faces are better managed.

Understanding and acknowledging the growth of Big Data in facilities management is important for the future of the industry. While Big Data grows, the FM industry needs to grow with it, using updated technological advancements and deriving insightful understandings. This creates more opportunities than ever for more efficient, energy-reducing decisions down the line.